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Decode What Your Customer

Desperately Wants To Buy...

And be the hero providing them the perfect solution for a premium price they won't hesitate to pay!

You are in the business of solving problems. Your customer is in the market for buying solutions.

So… whoever offers them the perfect solution first is about to make big bucks.

And this includes solutions to problems they haven't even put into words yet!

But how do you figure out this perfect solution?

How can you know what your audience really wants?

You're About To Discover How To Read Your Customer's Minds.

  • You'll know what they're going through, from what they've struggled with for years, down to a day-to-day basis.
  • You'll understand their deepest fears, dreams and desires, and what they'll never say out loud.
  • You'll know what to say to show them you 'get it', that you're on their side. And you can create a solution that aligns with everything they want.
  • You know, you're probably already sitting on customers that would spend way more with you, if shown the right offer.

This is the backbone of what my mentor Jason Fladlien has built his entire career on.

He Knows His Audience Better Than They Know Themselves. 

So when he creates something, He Knows They WILL Buy.

His company, Rapid Crush, holds the record for the all-time biggest launch in internet marketing history at $57.9 million and their strategies are responsible for sales of over half a billion dollars worth of products to customers in 132 countries.

There's simply no amount of flashy strategies or tricks that could duplicate results like that. 

This is real, raw marketing psychology that has helped him to become known as Jason Fladlien, the half a billion dollar webinar man. 

Not only does Jason know his own audience, but he also applies the same discovery methods for any audience. 

They also hold the record for the most commissions generated as an affiliate promoting someone else's product, landing $9.8 million in just 8 days. 

His bestselling book on webinars, One To Many, has led many big name marketers to launch their own 8 figure businesses. 

And consequently, many 7-9 figure businesses pay him big bucks to help them out. 

…so I'm pretty confident Jason’s methods will work for you too!

Jason Fladlien



In An Hour From Now, You'll Know Exactly Howq To Get Deep Inside Your Customers' Heads.

So, Jason sat down and analyzed his past campaigns to come up with a straightforward process for anyone to learn their customer inside and out.

This will not only help you with your existing customers, but give you the way into new markets, products or promoting other people's offers. 

He presented this method live as part of an in-person $25,000/yr mastermind for elite business owners… 

…and now you can leverage the same insights for a fraction of the price. 

An hour from now, you'll know everything he’s learned in his career about knowing your customer, and how to apply it in your business today.

Want The Same Confidence That Your Audience Will Buy?

In This Workshop You'll Discover:

The un-obvious way to discover who they worship

(and use the psychological profile to your advantage)

Discover the silent problems even your market doesn't want to think about 

(which gives you and obvious edge against your competition)

The 'sports car' conundrum which tells the story of customer's true desires

(not the ones they brag about to their friends on social media)

The 'Fladlien Dozen' market research framework that is the core backbone of his business

(easily summed up on single shet of A4 paper for the 1,000 ft view)

Want to serve the people who are frantic enough to buy the next thing put in front of them? This is how…

(Caution: because this is the easiest market to sell to, you need to unsure you're taking advantage of it ethically)

Follow this principle to truly get people results FAST

(this is the one trick Jason has made fortunes from alone, because it forces people to run out of excuses to not do business with him)

The one mistake you're probably making that confuses and loses your customers

(Jason has made his clients a LOT of money by simply going through this one question with them)

Using 'stub the toe' language to make your customers trust that you can help them immediately

(If you're always going full throttle, it becomes unbelievable and your market won't connect with  you)

How to address the unconscious tendances of your market head on

(so you know exactly what their next move and thoughts will be after specific scenarios)

You're probably selling them the end result when you should be selling them on this

(it's a common mistake, but if not corrected you'll be mismatched forever with your audience)

A hack that lets you do 1% of the effort to superpower your results

(so if you're busy or not at a stage where this all is all relevant, you can do this quick hack and come back to the rest later)

Exactly WHERE to find all the answer to this customer psychology goldmine

(eventually you'll channel this stuff automatically, but until then this is Jason's foolproof framework)

Using the 'Michael Jordan' technique to flip their words and idiscover their motivator

(this makes people do things they wouldn't normally do, and gives you the power to understand that at the deepest level)

The 'highlighter method' that gives me access to ALL the relevant pain points, desires and ways you can effectively communicate

(which lets you become the 'customer whisperer' with a cheat sheet to all the hot buttons of market)

How to dig deeper than the cliche customer fears, problems, desires and more

(no one's heart beats faster when you pitch more 'time freedom' or 'more money' anymore, so you have to know wheat really gets them to say yes)

Understand the OCD-like tendencies of your market to effectively interrupt their thoughts and hook their attention

(people will automatically assume you have the answer and will give you money, so make sure you do before using this!)

JUST $19.95

Your Audience Needs Your Help.

People rarely know what they really want. The average person doesn't study psychology. 

They don't know why they react or think the way they do, or how their unconscious emotions and biases drive their actions. 

They're spinning their wheels, stuck and frustrated. If they don't understand the problem… they definitely don't know the solution.

But YOU are about to.

When you do, you'll help them reach that 'aha' moment. …and you'd better believe they're going to pay you top dollar for it. 

You can get access to the workshop right now for next to nothing.

You can get access to the workshop right now for next to nothing.

Just $19.95

No, that's not a typo.

It's less than the price of your average meal.

Jason wants to make sure this is accessible to you, so you don't need to break the bank for this critical knowledge. 

However, from experience, if you don't put down a monetary value for something, you're likely to forget about it. 

And the last thing he wants is for this workshop to end up in a pile of unfinished courses and products. 

So, there's a minimal investment attached (you can consider it going towards admin and software costs to keep everything running). 

But you don't have to worry about the workshop not delivering…


If You Follow The Method In This Workshop, Jason Guarantees You'll Know Your Customer Better Than They Know Themselves.

...or the entire workshop is on me!

Jason gave me the rights to sell this training as long as I agreed to provide you with an ironclad 30 day money back guarantee for any reason (or no reason) whatsoever. 

And honestly... I wouldn't have it any other way. I value you as a customer... and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

The Better You Know This Method, The More Money You Stand To Make.

Don't forget… You probably HAVE customers that are ready to spend even more money with you. They just haven't been shown the perfect opportunity yet. When you follow this training, you'll be able to read your customer's minds. 

You'll be able to create the ultimate solution to burning problems they haven't even put proper words to yet. 

So when you put the perfect solution in front of them, they won't hesitate to pull out their credit cards. 

Rinse and repeat.

You're already sitting on a gold mine… here's the tools you need to profit from it.

Make conversions practically effortless, forever.

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