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In 3 Hours From Now, You'll Be able To Close Sales In Your Sleep

Get more people to say YES, no matter what you're selling or how much experience you have!

Whether you're selling on the phone, running ads, sending emails or anything else…


You close more sales = You make more money.

You can do 'all the other things' of course, like increasing traffic or clicks… 

But this is the real key to growing your business to 5, 6, 7 figures and beyond. 

If you can improve your conversions by just a tiny 0.5%, that alone makes a huge difference to your bottom line..

In fact, if you're able to sell well you're going to:

Get More Customers

without feeling like you're pushing people to buy something they don't want. Instead, selling will become a process where you'll talk to people about what you have - and at some point they'll interrupt you with "Okay, I'm sold - where do I sign?".

Build Empire-Worthy Income

in any market or niche, online or offline. Ecommerce and Amazon? Absolutely. Information products? Heck yea. Coaching? A 100x yes! And so on.

Unlimited Earning Potential and Career Opportunities

Unlimited earning potential and career opportunities… having the skill of selling means you'll always be in demand. Not only will you grow your own business but you'll also be approached by others to sell for them... which can be insanely lucrative!

No matter what it is you do, you need to be able to sell...and you need to be able to do it really, really well if you want to succeed.

So, the key to closing more sales (and making more money) is...

Handling objections. 

That's right… it's the subtle art of taking a 'no' and turning it into 'yes'. 

Instead of people silently abandoning your sales pages, webinars, VSLs… 

Ignoring your ads and emails… Or umming and ahhing on the phone until you finally get a 'thanks, but no thanks' out of them… 

You're going to get a


Your customers won't second guess themselves, make excuses or have to go 'ask their spouses'. 

'I can't afford it' and 'I don't have time' will be a thing of the past. 

There won't be anything stopping them from buying, or keeping them on the fence. 

If the offer is right, they won't hesitate because you've already countered their objections. 

But don't worry, this is one of the simplest things you'll ever do. 

You won't have to learn anything scary...

Because your objection handling skills are actually fine as they are.

The only thing we need to do is plug it into the proper system. 

That's the missing link that causes marketers to struggle with making money. 

Here's the thing… what you're about to discover about objection handling defies common sense. 

In less than 3 hours, my friend Jason Fladlien (more on him in a moment) will 'program' a process in your mind to practically guarantee effortless objection handling, regardless of what you're selling (which even works on getting the kids to eat their veggies!). 

No joke, it's going to dramatically level up your selling and money-getting skill in mere hours…

Even if you have never successfully sold anything in your life!

Best of all, you don't have to go out there and practice selling door-to-door like direct sales people of yore. 

If you really stink at handling objections, you'll see progress that's almost unbelievable. 

Or if you're so-so at selling and specifically, handling objections, now you can take what you're going to discover today and ratchet it up to become an objections-crushing machine. 

I'm not talking 6 or 12 months from now... I'm talking about tomorrow. 


Because you're getting over a decade's worth of knowledge that took millions of dollars to master.



Known as the 'HALF BILLION DOLLAR WEBINAR MAN' and the Founder of Rapid Crush Inc.

Jason has been able to accomplish things very few marketers on this planet have. 

His company holds the record for the all-time biggest launch in internet marketing history at $57.9 million and they've sold over $250 million worth of products to 150,000 customers worldwide. 

In fact, once you'll discover what he does—and the way he does it—you'll see that he rarely does things the way someone else does them. 

After all, if you do things the 'ordinary' way, you'll get ordinary results. 

And I'm sure you'll agree holding the #1 launch of all time is far from ordinary… and that there's no way he could have done it without knowing how to sell. 

Specifically, being able to crush objections—in sales letters, VSLs, webinars, on stages, or face to face.

So even if you're shy and introverted, you don't have an audience to practice on, or a product to sell yet… this invaluable knowledge will put you ahead of the game.


Crushing The Objection

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

  • Two motivations of human experience explained... And how to leverage those prehistoric, genetically-ingrained patterns of thinking to sell more... and better! (Oh, and they're NOT created equal... Don't miss this insight!)
  • Positive vs. Negative aspects—and what to focus on when you craft your new, irresistible message
  • The disconnect between the marketer and the customer and why it prevents you from making money online
  • The #1 reason people won't buy what you're selling (it has nothing to do with time or money!)—and how to literally re-program their brains on the fly to suddenly become receptive to your message
  • The problem with belief patterns and the proven process to fix them - in a way that opens up their mind for new ideas (including, but not limited to buying your product)

We're Just Getting Started!

If you only get access to the secrets I just talked about above, went through them, and implemented them (which is, by the way, an almost automatic process—it's like once you've seen how this works, you can't unsee it)... you'd still consider this one of your best investments of the year. 

But we're just getting started. Here's what you're also going to discover...

Why the money objection is usually not even true

you'll lose your shirt if you accuse them of lying about it! (Discover how to crush it instead...)

The NLP concept that really works

when applied to objections (in fact, it makes most objections a non-issue)

The #1 way to crush the "time" objection

and 5 other ways you need to implement in your pitch

How to get the benefits out of objections

(this makes objections much less likely to stick...)

How to use the language your customer is using

but avoid simply repeating it

And more!

And The Best Part?

You're going too acquire this objection crushing skill for just $19.95


No, that's not a typo, though it's undoubtedly worth a few extra digits. 

I've got exclusive rights to Jason Fladlien's objection handling system, and he’s asked me to keep it at an affordable price… but we're all entrepreneurs here, so that's only part of the reason. 

This is my unashamed 'impulse buy' price, so I can wow you with the insane amount of value… 

Meaning you're a hundred times more likely to stick around and buy more of my (and his) stuff. 

Most people waste dozens and dozens of hours to get even a tiny bit better at selling. And you know time is money. 

So spend a few hours with Jason instead, gaining a skill that will change your business' revenue for good.


And I'll even do you one better...

I Guarantee At Least A 10X Return On Your Investment

I know this for certain, which is why I'm putting my money where my mouth is. 

Here’s what Jason told me to tell you: 

I personally guarantee that you're going to immediately experience a complete shift in your ability to crush objections and that you'll immediately increase your conversions regardless of what you're selling. 

If that doesn't happen the first time you use Crushing The Objection, I demand you contact me here and ask for your money back. I will quietly and promptly return every penny to you.

Better still, you have a full 30 days to use it and at any time during those 30 days you're not over-the-moon happy—you can still get your money back. 

Simple as that.

Today you have two choices...

You can continue trying to crush objections and sell the old, boring hard way and get the same results you've been getting. How's that working for you?

You let the knowledge inside Crushing The Objection go to work for you so you can enjoy more sales and more money as soon as 3 hours from now.

What will it be?

Yes, Please Give ME INSTANT ACCESS To Crushing The Objection Now!

I understand I'll get instant access to the Crushing The Objection training for a tiny one-time investment of just $19.95 when I act now. 

I also realize I risk nothing since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee. With that, I'm in! 

Now that I've shown you the simple secret to growing sales and your income by crushing objections, it's time you discover what the fuss is about right now. 

Listen, the price is kept low for a reason—so anyone who is serious about getting better at selling can afford it. 

Because this is that powerful. Get it now.

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