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FAMOUS MARKETER: "Jason, I've never done a webinar that's produced $1,000,000 in 60 minutes."


This quick exchange happened not too long ago between Jason Fladlien…

(The half a billion dollar webinar man!)

 … And a world-famous marketer who you'd recognize at an instant.

I don't know if you want to do numbers like this. (I suspect you’d love to.)

But even if your goal is to simply take your marketing from “a sale every now and then” to “OH MY GOD I can't believe this”...

...You'll Love These Little, Easy, Yet Super Powerful Tweaks.

All of these techniques are incredibly hard-won wisdom (no gimmicks here) after many years spent perfecting webinars and setting records across multiple industries.

I’ve gotten permission to share them on behalf of Jason, and believe me, they’re pure gold.

 Though it's in the context of webinars, all of these techniques are extremely applicable to every other type of marketing too!

So why learn from Jason? SIMPLE.

There's actually a pretty good chance the stuff you've picked up about webinars was originally done by him.

To date, he’s also the ONLY person Zoom has brought in to show people how to do webinars.

And it's these techniques that put him on the map as the half a billion dollar webinar man.



So if you want to step into the 1% of marketing, listen up.

There's a reason why Jason’s webinars can do millions while the majority can't. It’s because he has such a deep understanding of customers and how they think. 

So while his primary vehicle was webinars, he’s also used these tactics in sales pages, emails, launch strategies and more.

With Jason's 'Million Dollar' Webinar Techniques In Your Back Pocket, You'll Have the Best Setup For Success.

A little while ago, a client begged Jason to give them ALL of his webinars along with their 'secret sauce' and was willing to pay him $25,000. 

He was intrigued... so he sat down for three weeks to dissect 15 years' worth of webinars, and he noticed something. 

There were certain techniques that came up over and over again throughout all of his major successes. 

He whittled it down to 29 timeless core strategies that he’s used to dominate the webinar space. 

Jason presented them in a live workshop to a group of elite business owners that pay $25,000 a year to be a part of… 

And now, you can spy on this workshop to get these secrets for yourself. Without further ado…

These 29 Tweaks Will fundamentally Change The Way You Profit From Webinars (and other marketing stratgeies) Forever.

Here are Just Some Of The Tweaks You'll Discover



Use the Believability Advantage...to make your claims irrefutable

Skepticism is a MASSIVE hurdle that kills sales. 

If your audience doesn't believe what you're saying, it doesn't matter how much success you promise or how good your relationship is with them. They'll be out of there the second something doesn't sit right.

With this technique, you'll be able to nip skepticism in the bud before it even crosses their minds!



Use the Objection Obliterator...to make everyone 'on the fence' say YES

This is a killer technique. When you have the opportunity to run more than one webinar, you'd be a fool not to do this. 

This is probably the easiest way to make money in any business and target the low hanging fruit. And the best part is, it's content free so you don't have to create anything.



Use the Gauntlet Throw...to overcome even the toughest of objections

When Jason first used this technique, people wrote about it in books. It made headlines in the industry because of how crazy it was. 

He challenged everyone on the webinar to follow up on his claims and prove to themselves that this was the real deal. 

This principle can be easily translated to any scale, so you don't need to worry about this being out of your reach.



Frame your offer like a Layered Dessert...and get ALL their no's out of the way FAST

Did you know the average amount of times someone internally says 'no' to something before buying? 26. 

So the order in which you present things and how you frame it is extremely important, otherwise they'll get full on no's before they've had a chance to digest the whole thing. 

Frame your offer in the way I suggest, and you'll have them eating every layer with gusto instead.



Dangle the Craving Inducer...and watch your customers scramble over each other to buy

If you've ever been to the supermarket with your kids, then you know the checkout aisle is a dangerous place. 

All sorts of tantalizing treats sit on the shelves that are easy to add to your cart at the last moment. And everyone wants what they can't have. 

You can replicate this childlike, 'I want it I want it' effect that makes people crave your product, ready to hit the buy button as soon as it pops up.



Present the Action Igniter...to force them to confront their reality if they DON'T buy

It's very easy to say no to things, even if we know they'd be good for us. We think we can do it ourselves, that it's not the right time, that we wouldn't be capable, or a million other excuses. 

And when they walk away, it's difficult to get them back into the same buying frame of mind before their doubts kick in. 

That's why you need to present the Action Igniter to drive home what would happen if they walked away from your opportunity… so they can prove to themselves why they must have your offer.



Explain with the Reason Loop...to instantly justify anything, even if you only have selfish reasons

People are always skeptical about buying things online because they've been burned before. Those other 'gurus' take the money and run. 

But of course… we're in this to make money as well as help people. 

So how can you justify the product, the price or the bargain without raising red flags? Simple, use the Reason Loop.



Use the Bonus Enhancer...to continue making money from your customers long after they've bought

Successful continuity offers are every business owner's dream, but that might not be what you're selling on the front end. Let's fix that.

With the Bonus Enhancer, you can turn your 'free extras' into money making machines. This also ties in perfectly with the Benefit Borrower technique, which means even less work for you! 



Be the Well-Meaning Bully...and drive desire in the exact direction you want

In order to sell someone a transformation, they need to be willing to make a change in themselves. 

But, not everyone is that keen. 

This technique is all about taking the thing they feel comfortable in and making them realize it's silly to stay stuck like that. And when there's no more objections, you better believe they'll buy.



Use the Price Reversal...to offer a bargain without sacrificing your positioning

It's always a bit of a balancing act to maintain your business' premium feel, but still offer products at an affordable price. 

This little language tweak helps you justify both ends of the spectrum, so you won't need to worry about juggling both again.



Perform the Sleight of Hand Trick...to make your price seem like the best deal imaginable

The worst reaction you can have to the price reveal is, 'I'm never paying that'. 

We want them to be shocked at how great the value is that they have to buy or they'll miss out. 

And you can achieve this effect with just one key on your keyboard.

You're this close to hitting marketing gold.

In just and hour and seventeen minutes... You'll have some of the Greatest Webinar Techniques in the world.

Techniques that are responsible for millions of dollars (not including client or student results) across all kinds of niches.


Techniques you can easily apply in your webinars and other marketing strategies today. 

Simple, but powerful… where just one used the right way can be ridiculously profitable. 

With these, you WILL be able to make your campaigns winners.

You can get access to 29 Webinar Tweaks right now for next to nothing.


No, that's not a typo.

It's less than the price of your average meal!

This is super accessible, so you don't need to break the bank for this critical knowledge. 

Besides, in my experience if you don't put down a monetary value for something, you're likely to forget about it. 

And the last thing I want is for this workshop to end up in a pile of unfinished courses and products. 

So there's a minimal investment attached. 

But you don't have to worry about it not delivering…

To prove I'm serious, if you try these techniques and don't see results in the next 30 days... consider this training on me.

Simply put, if you're not satisfied with the insights you're getting...you have 30 days from the moment of your purchase to get your money back, No questions asked, period.

I know the right person will take these techniques, run with them and make 6-7 figures, no sweat. These have all been proven time and time again, after all. 

I'm very confident that if you genuinely apply these techniques to your webinar, you'll cover your investment hundreds of times over easily… 

Then imagine replicating it for the rest of your life. 

Who knows, you could be the next ‘half a billion dollar webinar man’ (or woman) like Jason.

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