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Attract new business everywhere you go with a tech forward, eco friendly, Dual NFC / QR Code Business Card. Just tap it close to someone's phone and all of your contact info is instantly opened on their phone. Make a splash with every new potential customer, client or patient you meet.

What Your Business is Getting.

  • Your NFC & QR Code Business Smart Card. A high quality, environmentally friendly, Dual NFC & QR Code business card for every member of your team so that everyone can actively promote to new potential customers.

  • The Attached Digital Business Card. Personalized online business card that is connected to your DoCardco NFC/QR Code Business Card (the web portal to each employee in your business). This portal is where the magic happens.

  • Intelligent Lead Capture Technology. 
    Activate Lead Capture on every business card so that you can collect the lead and market to them with automated follow up messages.

  • QR Code Connect Backup. Embedded QR Code technology into each business card so that phones that aren't NFC enabled can still connect with you with a simple scan from their camera.

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